Our brass plaques are of the highest quality but are priced up to 25% less than those sold by other companies. Our brass plaques are 1mm thick lead brass with a polished mirror finish. Our standard brass sizes are always in stock and make it possible for us to offer 24 hour turnaround on these. The sizes of our standard brass plaques are 300mm x 210mm, 210mm X 150mm and 150mm x 100mm. We can also manufacture brass plaques of any size up to 600 x 300 mm. The turnaround time on custom-size brass plaques is usually two or three working days. We always provide a free proof and a quote by e-mail before making our plaque orders, so customers can rest assured that what they see is what they get.

Laser Etched Brass Engraving   

Using our new YAG laser we are able to laser etch text and graphics into brass at high resolution. The brass we use for this purpose is 1.2mm thick lead brass in a highly polished mirror finish. We can cope with brass sizes up to 600mm x 300mm. Standard precut brass sizes that we always have in stock are A4, A5 and A6. Turnaround time on orders for our standard sizes is 24 hours. Turnaround time for non-standard sizes is five working days.