Lasered Cable Marker Tags

Lazertek Australia offers a lasered cable marker tag service in Panduit's #304 and #316 grade stainless steel cable marker tags as well as natural and anodised aluminium cable marker tags (available in blue, green, black, red, and yellow). These lasered conduit marker tags deliver maximum visibility for medium to high volume applications such as cable marker tags that are exposed to dirt, paint and the elements. We also keep a large stock of the stainless steel ties that fasten Panduit conduit tags. As an authorised Panduit distributor we also stock Panduit tensioning and cutting tools.

Pan-Steel stainless steel Panduit cable marker tags have an application environment from -80° to 538° Celsius, are non-flammable, RoHS compliant and have excellent ultraviolet light resistance. Pan-Alum aluminium Panduit cable marker tags have an application environment from -80° to 100° Celsius, are non-flammable, RoHS compliant and have good ultraviolet light resistance.

We always have a plentiful supply of Panduit's Pan-Steel and Pan-Alum stainless and aluminium conduit marker plates and ties in stock for fast response times. With our unique software we are usually able to achieve 24 hour turnaround times to destinations anywhere in Australasia and Southeast Asia so long as data is sent to us in MS Excel format.

We are able to create lasered cable marker tags with up to 55 alpha-numeric characters per line on our largest in stock conduit marker tags which will accept up to 12 lines of text of 8mm high characters in Arial Narrow Bold. We also offer a custom cable marker tag design service with no limits on size or number of lines. Company logos can be incorporated into all our lasered conduit marker tags at no extra cost.

Our 89 x 19mm and 89 x 10mm laseredcable marker tags are highly suitable for applications where compact size with a large amount of serial number data is required. For instance, the Panduit MMP350W38-M (89 x 10mm size), which is ideally suited to conduit marker tagging applications, can be lasered with up to three lines of 53 x 8mm high characters in the Arial Narrow font or up three lines of up to 50 x 8mm high characters in theArial Narrow Bold font. The picture below shows the result of lasering a 90 x 40mm tag with five lines of 24 point Arial Narrow Bold text.

Turn around for custom designed laserable cable marker tags is two weeks for the first order and four working days for subsequent orders if the customer pre-orders extra tags for future needs.